Press releases

Reduction of prime costs through above-ground installation
Recycling systems for sewer flushing material, drilling fluid, street sweepings and other wastes

Separation of mineral components and impurities
Recycling machine as a 1. stage of a chemical-physical treatment plant

Recycling systems for waste
Possibilities of material feeding of sewer flushing material, drilling fluid and other wastes

The innovative recycling system for waste quantities up to 4 m³/h
Compact system for city combination vehicles, suction trailers and compact sweepers

Recycling systems for confined spaces and small quantities of waste
Site selection using existing buildings, structures and conditions

Reduction of disposal costs for sewer flushing material
Gebrüder Lemberger Entsorgungs- und Abwassertechnik GmbH invests in its own recycling system

Recycling of sewer flushing material and other wastes
the selection of the ideal recycling system

Recycling of bentonite suspensions
Solution examples for the processing of large and small quantities

With 3 criterias to the optimal recycling system for waste
Sewer flushing material, road sweepings, bentonite suspension – starting point for secondary raw material

Recycling of infrastructure waste
a beneficial investment in economic efficiency, environmental protection and fullfillment of legal requirements

High dry substance content reduces disposal costs
Recycling of bentonite - chamber filter press and membrane filter press compared.

Reduction of disposal costs through integrated recycling solution
Reduce disposal volume and Z-value with 4-stage process - discharge process water

Compact recycling system for waste from sewer cleaning (EAV 200306)
Reduction of disposal volume and Z-value with lower space requirement

Fine particle separation improves process water quality:
Reduction of settleable substances when recycling sewer cleaning waste

System reduces disposal costs:
Beck Kanalreinigungs-GmbH in Gomaringen invests in new recycling system for waste from sewer cleaning

Recycling solution for bentonite suspensions:
Reduction of disposal volume through combination of recycling plant and vacuum belt filter

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