Waste from freshwater wells (EAV 010504)

In this project, bentonite suspensions of different origins are recycled. For this purpose, the bentonite suspension is first buffered in a dosing buffer and then continuously fed into a 2-chamber recycling plant. While the mineral components >250 μm are discharged, the resulting process water with mineral components ≤250 μm is fed to a chamber filter press.

Suesswasserbohrungen Bentonitsuspension bei AnlieferungBentonite suspension on deliveryBeginning situation

Material on delivery
Material             Bentonite suspension
Delivery              Suction truck (20 m³)
Density               1.22 kg/l
TS-content         30.0 %
Quantity max.      390 t/day

Material after recycling process
Material             Process water
Density              1.07 kg/l
TS-content        10.3 %

The objective of the recycling system is to reduce disposal costs. This is done through the following steps:

  • Reduction of the disposal volume through separation and discharge of the water contained (filtrate)
  • Reduction of the disposal costs by generating a puncture-proof filter cake from the mineral components

Filtration process
The filtration process of the process water includes the following steps:

  1. Precipitation*
  2. Flocculation*
  3. Filtration

*The selection of the optimal chemical products as well as the determination of the dosage and the concentration is done in a preliminary test.

leichtgriesigProcess water light-grainyPrecipitation
During this process, the bentonite particles contained in the suspension are destabilised.

Product             Polyl solution
Manufacturer   SEPAR-CHEMIE
Concentration  undiluted







Suesswasserbohrungen Prozesswasser geflocktProcess water flocculatedFlockung
Nach der Fällung wird das Prozesswasser geflockt.
Dabei werden die suspendierten Bentonitpartikel zur besseren Filtration zu größeren Flocken vereint.

Produkt             Wasserlösliches Polymer
Hersteller          SEPAR-CHEMIE
Konzentration   verdünnte Lösung






Filtration with chamber filter press
The next step is the filtration of the flocculated process water with a chamber filter press.

 filtration filterpressBIBKO® Filterpress

Membrane filter press as an alternative to the conventional chamber filter press
Compared to the conventional chamber filter press, membrane filter presses offer the possibility to further reduce the liquid remaining in the filter cake after the filtration process. This increases the dry matter content. For this purpose, the filter cloths are pressurised with air after the filtration process. The filter cloth is pressed against the filter cake, so that the filter cake is additionally dewatered.

Suesswasserbohrungen FilterkuchenTSFilter cake from membrane filter press TS content: 70.9%



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