Sludges from freshwater wells (AVV 010504)

This project involves dewatering sludge from freshwater wells.

Initial situation

Material at delivery
Material            drilling mud
Delivery             sedimentation trough
Quantityh         10m³/h
Quantitymax    40m³/day

 20220831_145947_cc.jpgPrevious emptying of skips20220831 150119 ccDischarge of the freshwater sludge

In this recycling system, the primary objective is to dewater the resulting drilling mud. The dewatered material is subsequently disposed of, while the resulting process water is fed into the process water recycling system.

Recycling system
For dewatering, the muds are first fed to a feed hopper. From there, a screw conveyor transports the solids-water mixture evenly onto a dewatering screen. The vibrating motion of the screen dewaters the material and simultaneously transports it into the material box. The separated water is collected in a pump sump and from there fed to the customer's process water recycling system.

Plant images

 filtration filterpressePlant layout

Iso AnsichtPlant layout - with vehicle  DraufsichtPlant layout bird's eye view - with vehicle

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