Recycling solution


Integrated recycling process
The length of the public sewage system for combined and wastewater in Germany is approximately 461.000 km. This corresponds to 37 times the linear air distance between Berlin and Sydney. Through this network, 5.1 billion m3 of domestic and industrial wastewater is fed to more than 10.000 wastewater treatment plants every year.

Decentralised recycling
While in the past the sewer debris collected during preventive and on-demand cleaning was mainly recycled or disposed of centrally, decentralised recycling, directly on the premises of the sewer cleaning company, is becoming increasingly important. The following goals are being pursued:

  • Reduction of the disposal volume
  • Reduction of the allocation value Z
  • Reduction of disposal costs

Types of waste
In addition to waste from sewer cleaning (sewer clearing material/ EAV 200306), this also applies to:

  • Waste from street cleaning EAV 200303
  • Waste from freshwater boreholes EAV 010504
  • Waste from rainwater retention EAV 170506
  • and other wastes.


Recycling process
The process for recycling waste consists of two, three or four process stages:

Process stage 1: Material feed
Process stage 2: Material recycling

Depending on the material to be recycled and the process water produced, two additional process stages are used if required:

Process stage 3: Fine particle separation
Process stage 4: Process water recycling

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