Waste from oil/water separators (EAV 130502)

In this project, the waste from oil/water separators is recycled.

Initial situation
The recycling of waste usually aims at reducing the disposal volume by separating the water, reducing the organic content and additionally separating the mineral components >250 μm. The resulting process water is discharged. This reduces the disposal costs accordingly.

In the case of waste from oil/water separators, treatment by a purely wet-mechanical process is not possible. With this, only the mineral components >250 μm can be separated from the remaining oil/water mixture. This oily material is then disposed of. The remaining oil-water mixture is processed in a separate chemical-physical plant (CP plant) and is not part of the BIBKO® scope of delivery.

The objective of the recycling system is to process the oil/water mixture in such a way that it can subsequently be further processed in a separate plant.
This is done through the following step:

  • Separation of the mineral components >250 μm from the oil-water mixture and transport into a container for disposal.

Recycling plant

The recycling process takes place in a 1-chamber recycling plant of the type IT-2500/1.



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