Waste from sewer cleaning (EAV 200306)

In this project, the waste volume is fed in batches, buffered and then continuously fed to the recycling plant.

Initial situation
In order to be able to accommodate the waste volume of approx. 7.5 m³, a material bunker is planned. This has a capacity of 9 m³ and will be sunk into a pit. This will allow both suction/flushing vehicles and skips to be emptied without difficulty.

Recyclingloesung KanalreinigungWaste from sewer cleaning (EAV 200306)Loesung 3Feeding hopper

The material is fed into the recycling plant via a duplex screw conveyor with a screw diameter of 600 mm and a conveying capacity of 12 m³/h (Σ: 24 m³/h). A large-mesh grating in the area of the feed surface prevents large pieces of material from entering the system and complies with UVV regulations.

The objective of the recycling system is to reduce disposal costs. This is achieved through the following steps:

  • Reduction of the disposal volume
  • Reduction of the organic content
  • Reduction of the allocation value Z of the recycled material

Recycling plant
The recycling process takes place in a 2-chamber recycling plant of the type IT-5000/2.

Materialabwurf ccBIBKO® recycling plant with spiral conveyor

Additional washing nozzles can be activated so that the washing process can be individually adapted to the material to be recycled. A rinsing bar mounted on the recycling system can also be used to rinse the entire machine and remove adhesions (including pulp fibres).

Fine particle separation
For the reduction of mineral components in the size range 60...250 μm as well as impurities, the process water from the recycling plant is fed to the fine particle separation. The process water with mineral components in the 60 μm range is then discharged.

schema feinsieb zu reststoffeScheme fine particle separation


Plant images

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