Treatment system for contaminated soil

Proven technologies enable the wet-mechanical treatment of contaminated, coarse-grained and granular-sandy soils as well as the treatment of the resulting process water. 

Disposal    Reduction of contamination facilitates landfillability
Economy    Reducing the landfill class reduces costs
Space requirement    Integration into existing structures through different plant types
Reliability    Experience and competence through numerous installed plants for the processing of mineral raw materials
Technical data    
Material request     Slightly contaminated, coarse-grained, granular-sandy soils
Wash plant type    Trough system with screw discharge
Wash plant design    Double chamber system (pre / main wash)
Washperformance   20 m3/h - 30m3/h
Additional modules (a.o.)  
  • feeding hopper - volume: 5 m³/ 7,5 m³ - larger ones possible
  • Material classification
  • magnetic separation
  • Floating material removal
  • Process water treatment
Special features  
  • galvanized machine trough
  • wear-resistant conveyor segments
  • Storage locations outside the water area


Process flow (example)

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Processing sand/gravel - washing plant: 30 m³/hProcessing sand/gravel - washing plant: 30 m³/h

Process water treatment (thickener)Process water treatment (thickener)

Processing sand/gravel - washing plant: 20 m³/hProcessing sand/gravel - washing plant: 20 m³/h

Material classificationMaterial classification


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