Inclined belt filter

The washing water produced during the treatment with fine particles, coarse material (e.g. wood, branches, metal) and impurities (e.g. plastic waste) reaches the water treatment via the water outlet of the wash-out plant. In the first step, the water is treated by an inclined belt filter.


A cyclone or hydrocyclone is a centrifugal separator with which solid particles contained in a suspension are separated.

Clarifying tower

For further treatment of the water from agitator basin II, it is fed to a statically operating clarifying tower, through which the water flows vertically. The aim here is to separate the light components contained in the water (fine particles of 200 µm).

Chamber filter press

In the final process step, the chamber filter press serves either to dewater the water fed from agitator basin II or to dewater the sludge from the homogenisation tank. The chamber filter press is a discontinuous pressure filter for the separation of a water-solid mixture.

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